Title: Locked
Author: unlucky
Summary: The tried and true cliche of two people being stuck in a room. A very small room.
Wordcount: 411
Pairings: ummm...Regulus/Lily
A/N: Kind of written for yamapea's Fluff challenge. I'm not even sure how fluffy it is. I tried honest! It doesn't even fit the prompt of crossing lines. XD

“Don’t even think about it!”

“I’m not doing anything.”

Regulus shifted his weight against the wall. This was not right. He was stuck in a tiny room with that girl from Gryffindor. Potters’ girl to be exact. Stuck and he couldn’t even move an inch. Not even a little one. Evans, or Lily as she kept insisting, had nearly flattened herself up to the wall and every time he attempted to move she would start screeching.

Like it was his fault they were stuck in room.

It was getting hot in here. He tugged a little at his robe. He would have taken the damn thing off but he wouldn’t put it past her to hurt him.

This whole mess was her fault. She had knocked into him earlier, an accident she had said, and somehow they managed into this little room. It was more like broom cupboard but he had seen cupboards bigger than this.

The door had slammed behind them and it hadn’t opened since. No amount of banging or wand-casting had managed to even jar the door.

Their knees were practically knocking together. He eyed her robe curiously. Was she not wearing anything underneath? She was wearing knee-highs that much he could tell...

“You’re foul,” she said.

“And how is that, love?” He drawled the last word and smirked when he saw her flush. Her face matched her hair perfectly. Brilliantly red. Like any true Gryffindor. She practically shone the colours of her house.

“You keep staring at me like I am a piece of meat.” She balled her hands into fists.

“I keep staring at you because you keep staring at me. I might say you haven’t taken your eyes off me once.” He leaned over to her. He brushed his lips softly against hers. Her breath hitched.

He pulled back abruptly. “It’s too bad, really.”

She stiffened and glared at him. “I think being in this room is doing something to your brain, Regulus.”

“What would that be?”

She pushed herself off the wall. She was barely an inch from Regulus. “I think you want me. And I think you are never going to have me.” She slid a finger around the waist of his pants. “It’s too bad that I know I’m right.”

Regulus could hardly hear past the roaring in his ears. He heard the click of the door and he saw a flash of red hair. Lily was gone.

“Now, now, it’s on.”