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Title: Less is more
Author: unlucky
Characters/Pairings: One sided Regulus/Lily
Wordcount: 191
Rating: T
A/N: Written for Challenge #1: Knickers

Regulus had a bit of a kink. He loved to watch girls run. It didn’t matter who they were. He just loved to see their arses shake whenever they took a step.

He especially liked to see them run through the halls because then they weren’t aware of who was watching. Or who wasn’t.

His favorite one to watch was Lily Evans. She could often be found stalking through the halls usually after one of Sirius’s friends made her angry.

But when she walked, it was a thing of beauty.

There was one thing that he could not understand. He was generally good at figuring out what underwear each girl wore. But to his amazement he discovered that Lily didn’t wear any. It was such an unusual thing for her to do. She was prim and proper. Everything a good witch was supposed to be.

For her not to be wearing any was completely out of character. It wasn’t at all what Regulus expected. It made him intrigued and curious. He wanted to know more.

And Regulus could never say no to a challenge.

Perhaps that old muggle saying was true.

That less is more.
dlskfsd;lfh4387fdhhj! ♥!

there needs to be some follow-up to this with Regulus finding out if Lily really doesn't wear underwear. omg. for the win.
♥♥ LOL! Thanks. Regulus is such a perv in my head so there might be a follow-up of *ahem* that.
I have to second mondayagain's keyboard mash here. Along with her request for a sequel. That was infinitely yummy.
:) a sequel may or may not be in the works at the moments. Depending on how Regulus behaves.

Thanks for commenting! ♥