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Title: tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow
Ship: Regulus/Lily, Lily/James
Rating: R
Word Count: ~3900
Warnings: references to Casablanca and Macbeth
Summary: He is not supposed to feel this way.
Notes: The Marauders and Co. are in their third year when Regulus is in his first. Have fudged dates and continuity to make things run smoothly. Could be considered AR. Could really be considered AR. For unlucky who inspired me.
Title: Locked
Author: unlucky
Summary: The tried and true cliche of two people being stuck in a room. A very small room.
Wordcount: 411
Pairings: ummm...Regulus/Lily
A/N: Kind of written for yamapea's Fluff challenge. I'm not even sure how fluffy it is. I tried honest! It doesn't even fit the prompt of crossing lines. XD

Everything was always her fault. This room for example? Her fault.Collapse )
Any suggestions or prompts you might have for the community can be left in the comments.

As always any questions, comments, and/or complaints can either be left here or emailed to me at Unlucky@livejournal.com

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This weeks prompt is Photographs.
Title: Untitled drabble
Author: I, rachel_prewett
Wordcount: 53?
Rating: T, PG-13, I honestly have no idea
A/N: A bit written for the challenge. A bit. It is mostly un-beta'd. Constructive critism is welcome.

Regulus rolled over, and watched Lily sleep. She was so beautiful and innocent, wearing only her knickers. Her beautiful red hair laid spread out on her pillow, and Regulus stroked it softly, careful not to wake her up. Smiling softly to himself, he fell asleep, with one hand gently on her bare shoulder.
Title: Less is more
Author: unlucky
Characters/Pairings: One sided Regulus/Lily
Wordcount: 191
Rating: T
A/N: Written for Challenge #1: Knickers

Less Is MoreCollapse )
OMG rednuck just wrote Regulus/Lily.

Tortured angsty Regulus/Lily which I would have no other way.

So in an attempt to get this community going and maybe produce some Regulus/Lily goodness. Every Wednesday or so I'll announce a drabble prompt but really it can be as long as you want it to be.

The prompt for this week is Knickers.

Go forth and drabble!

I'm always looking for prompt suggestions too

Welcome to the very first Regulus/Lily community ever!

It's a very rare pair isn't it? But of course since I like it so much no one else does or they don't write it. I am hoping to change that and maybe have this rare pair a little less rare. I think it's bordering extinction. XD

Anyways, feel free to post anything that's Regulus/Lily. Have fun and spread the Regulus/Lily love.